Travelling to The Other Side

If you happen to be on the Pacific highway near Taree and wanting to stop for a break, there's a great cafe art gallery on Moto Road at Ghinni Ghinni called The Other Side Gallery Teahouse. We've driven past it a few times in the past and keep meaning to stop, but finally we remembered it was there. It's only open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. AND it's dog friendly - we love that.

When we drove up to the entrance it all looked a bit ominous, the sky looked like a cyclone was about to hit, and the fires at Old Bar were blazing and sending up plumes of smoke that resembled a volcano erupting. We were ready for a break from driving and decided to go in. Once we drove up the long drive to the entrance, we discovered quite a few other cars in the car park.

The building is quite impressive from the outside and with the name emblazoned across the top of the building, you do feel a sense that you are about to cross to The Other Side. Well I did anyway, but then I do have a bit of a creative imagination. I knew I was in for a treat when I read the little black board on the deck that had a Dr Seuss quote written on it...

We wandered inside out of a blustery cold wind to the warmest welcome and saw tables full of happily munching people. The art fills the walls with colour and the food cabinets are filled with quiches and delightful looking cakes... have I mentioned I don't mind a bit of cake before? Before too long I was sampling a rose grey tea, I've never had one of those and they are now on the shopping list. Imagine tea with rose water in it... yum.

It was such a delightful stop - and we discovered in addition to yummy food and warm welcoming service, that they have art classes, exhibitions, art tours as well... to visit their site and find out more about this soulful place click here.

We decided a little while ago to be collectors of delightful moments... to be more open to the wonderful, the everyday quirky, fun, lovely, beauty that is all around us in our everyday life.

"Oh I'm so glad we stopped here" - Kevin said as we left The Other Side... it fits right into our delightful moments... if you go there, we hope that you have delightful moments too.

Oh and if you'd like a special little quirky something... Tanya is waiting for you there...

Tanya is crazy about the Tango - so are we.