A New Chapter

We're beginning a NEW chapter in our lives, starting with a new home, in another state. We'll still be house sitting, but for now, we're busily planning and packing and sorting.

It's amazing how much stuff accumulates over the years. In addition to the items that seem to multiply in our house, after my mum passed away last year, I've also inherited quite a few of her things. Including her dog Emma. Emma has settled in nicely and is a lovely addition to our home.

I'm not sure what is happening with Emma and the visiting neighbourhood cat, Chairman Meow though. Chairman Meow sleeps on our deck in the winter, and I've taken pity on her and fixed her up a bed in one of our old dog boxes. It has a comfy pillow and covering so she can get warm and stay in out of the chill.

I strongly suspect that Chairman Meow gives Emma her psychic cat eye when I'm not looking. It's funny as a circus really, it looks as though the cat is ignoring the dog and poor old Emma runs quickly past her, or simply refuses to go out onto the deck.

So what do these pictures have to do with where we are moving to I hear you wonder? Well... we'd been trying to find a place to live in Lennox but no where has appeared, so we are heading past it to another destination.

I have to say though, I'll be looking forward to the not-so-distant weekend trips from our new home, to Lennox in the not-to-distant future. Who knows, maybe we can meet for coffee at The Point.

Our very favourite home we lived in for a time. Who knows maybe one day...