Favourite places.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.

One of our favourite spaces to visit.

A hidden sanctuary close to a main road - you could be miles from anywhere once inside.

We've been searching for a home in Queensland and we have found a house we really like. While the negotiations still seem a long way off at this stage, with that prospect in mind, I've been starting to clear things; throwing out old papers, recycling clothes and moving on unwanted items.

The last two days has seen me getting our family photos into categories and into boxes. It was with a great sigh of relief, a great lot of fond memories, a few chuckles and a few little tearies over lost family members in the process. Anyway, I have finished those, but I'm sadly behind in keeping my digital photos in order.

Today I've started the digital organising and much the same as the photos, we've been having a few funny memories and a few sad ones as we sort through old videos, and photos. Old floppy discs and old computers are on their way to recycling, and after throwing away the floppy discs, I wonder how much longer we'll be using CD discs. Or how much longer we'll be able to access them.

Anyway, here are a few of our favourite family photos, I hope you'll enjoy a trip down memory lane with us.

A favourite boat house across the bay.

It was always a joy to wander through the garden here at Seaforth, the little vistas that drew my attention, always something to admire.

Life's little moments make the best memories.

The old Seaforth Pool, many a happy hour was spent here...

Anyway, back to the clearing...

hope you're having a great day, and making some lovely memories.