Mosaic Art of Pip Edwards

The coast walk around Port Phillip Bay view to Half Moon Bay

One of the side benefits of taking the dogs for their walks, is that that we discover interesting and beautiful places, and on this trip we've seen quite a few artworks on our walks. Wandering down a pathway to Port Phillip Bay, we discovered the art of Pip Edwards, at the kiosk at Half Moon Bay. Pip will create a mosaic of your loved pet from a photo - aren't these so beautiful? Pip's art can be found at:

Angel doesn't like the cold mornings - but does love a pat

Doesn't this face tell a story? We thought Angel wasn't too impressed with being taken out of his warm spot into the cool morning. It's fascinating to watch cats and how they know where the warmest places are... Angel was sitting on top of the ducted heating last night. Warm as toast.

Angel appears every so often and announces it's time for a cuddle the first couple of nights this was at about 1am. He is getting used to us being here now and the last couple of nights he's been able to sleep through.

Walk to Black Rock

We headed towards Black Rock on our walk today and discovered a few more pieces of art on the Coastal Art Trail

I think the two faces are my favourite, although the tea cups are pretty cute too.

We explored a path that seemed to lead to the beach and discovered these lovely little beach houses...

Cerberus Beach Kiosk and Black Rock Yacht Club on the corner in the distance.

We stopped for lunch at the Cerberus Beach Kiosk at Half Moon Bay, to ask about the wreck in the bay... the staff were so friendly and the food looked so tempting we decided to stop for lunch, with a beautiful water view and tables outside, we were able to sit with the dogs.

The day turned out quite balmy so we sat for a while and enjoyed the winter sun, and chatted to some folks from the nursing home. They were on a day out, and delighted in patting and talking to the dogs. Afterwards, we took the dogs for a lovely walk around the bay, down to Black Rock shops and then home again. What I love about Black Rock is all the cafe's have water bowls for the dogs, even the local cycle shop had a water bowl out the front. Even the poles have a dog friendly attitude....

Port Phillip Bay Housesit

We've driven for two days to mind a gorgeous dog called Bootsie and cat Angel at Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. After we arrived today, Bootsie took us for an amble along the coastal art trail...

and to see some of the sights of Port Phillip Bay....

It was a lovely walk, with the air fresh as fresh can be, blowing straight from Antarctica.

We had a lovely stop at an outside table at the Finz Seafood Restaurant... Bootsie borrowed Xena's rug to sit on... I might add - fabulous food and such a friendly host can't wait to head down there for dinner while we are here.

Polaroid of Bootsy

Freshwater housesit

There's been all sorts of fun happenings at Walker's house over the past week so much excitement - to cut a long story short, his mum and dad are off on their honeymoon, and Walker is at home minding the housesitters...

So after all the busyness, he is taking time out to laze in the sun.

We have his rapt attention everytime the cupboard door opens.

Walker's favourite things; love, schmackos, massage, snacks, ear massages,
lazying in the sun, pats, schmackos and then more love.

Did we mention that Walker will give his undivided attention for Schmackos?