Delights from the holiday season

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale

Our tree this year... we had a bit of a bird theme - love the little bird houses that adorn our tree... from The Department Store at Wauchope

Big thank you to Santa's elves at The Department Store at Wauchope, what a delight to see such a wonderful display in the window. We had such a beautiful shopping experience there this year, it was so inspiring to visit the store and see the beautiful care and inspiration that had gone into creating a magical Christmas for their shoppers.

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. ~Author unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old named Bobby

When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness. ~Bob Hope

Remembering Rusty our much loved little yorkie this Christmas

Christmas catch ups and Riverbank Loveliness

Wishing you and yours a peaceful holiday season

Well Christmas has come and gone again... Are you as weary as we are? Christmas is fun, but it's so nice to stop again, and rest. We had a gorgeous catch up with family at Gladstone on the riverbank. If you happen to be on the highway travelling and looking for a stop around Kemspey, it's a lovely little stop off, or a destination point.

The cafe and very tempting art gallery are located right on the river bank.

River photo from total

It's a very easy place to sit for a few hours, have something delightful and watch the river.

I'm having a bit of a love affair with little bird houses at present and loved their tree out front...

Christmas 2013 Thong Tree At The Beach

Appreciate the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things. Robert Brault.

Off for our walk last night, we were delighted to see the thong tree back again at the beach. I don't know who puts this tree up, but it is such a joy to see and it brings smiles of delight to so many people. (Update... we found out the tree creator's name is Mary Pavicich)

We went up to the tree to take a close up photo,
and this time we noticed a message at the base of the tree...

On the back of the tree we read...

It was such fun, like looking for buried treasure.

So we dug up the book and wrote in our wish for the season.

Then we safely buried it again.

It was such a heart warming process, we wandered off with the loveliest feeling. I'll remember that for a long time. If the people who did the tree ever happen to read this, thank you so much... you've brought us so much joy, and so much joy to so many people walking the beach in Port. I've seen so many faces light up when seeing it. (Gee don't we all need more of that in our world and our lives?) We wish you and yours and everyone reading this a Christmas full of heartwarming wonder and love.

If you happen to be in Port Macquarie and are wondering where it is, I'll give you a hint... if you happen to find Lighthouse Beach and go for a walk, you just might find it.


We're having fun decorating our house this year, lots of baubles around the fence lines and on our front yard. The first year we did it, the neighbours teased us badly, but after all the kids going past saying how much they love our decorated tree out in the front yard, we've got over the teasing. Every so often I attempt to capture the kangaroos at our back fence but my photography skills are sadly lacking. I can either get the baubles in focus or the kangaroos, but not both. Oh well... the spirit's there. How's your Christmas preparations going?

from-the-rooftops: Christmas art....

Can you believe it is so close to Christmas already. We've been out hanging lights on our house and getting all the last minute decorations done. I wanted to do a Christmas Art Canvas for our deck this year, so I've been blog hopping looking for inspiration on some hand crafts for Christmas this year. I stumbled across Gaye Todd's lovely work...

You can visit Gaye's blog here...from-the-rooftops: Christmas art....