Light is what guides you home

"The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there." Ellie Rodriquez

Image - Boatshed in Seaforth by Kareen

View through the trees at Middle Harbour

One of my favourite views from my in-laws home at Seaforth

Pool with water dragon

We are used to caring for pools and enjoy swimming in summer. This is a picture of our own pool we have a water dragon that visits occasionally - he enjoys floating on the pool hose, we scoop him out and pop him in the clear pond instead.

We are used to a variety of pools, this one is a salt water pool, we have had various types ourselves and are used to pool care. If you have a pool in your home that you would like us to care for, just leave us a list of the pool's requirements, and any quirks that it may have.

Dog sitting - Fuzzy the poodle

This is Fuzzy we minded him for over a month while his dad and mum went overseas to Rodrigues. We had a great time all together, and were very sad to see him go back.

Message from Fuzzy...

Here I am snoozing again just before I had a nightmare! It was scary and Kaz said she had to wake me up and say, 'don't worry little fuzz'.

Hi mum and dad, kaz said I missed your phone call yesterday, sorry about that. Kaz says that you're having a good time. Gee wizz though, I have been so busy, there are all these new chewy things I have are just delicious.

Kaz said though, that chewing screen doors, and mosquito coils, is a bad idea. Why's that dad? Also she said that the pot plants aren't a good idea either.

Ah well, I have got my chicken basty strips so that's OK and Kaz goes and finds me a new one really quickly, in fact, as soon as I start chewing other things. I don't mind the mosquito coils tho, and they crunkle nicely in your mouth.

Ah I'm a funster dad...

Kaz says I have grown up heaps since you've been away too.

Love you and kiss mum for me. from fuzz

Rodrigues certainly looks beautiful, it is going on the 'to visit' list. Photo from Wikipedia

Boats at Rodrigues - photo by Annick Albert

A clean house is a happy house

Well not necessarily, there are plenty of houses that are clean that are not happy, but a clean house is certainly one that we like to live in and like to look after.

Aromatherapy for cleaning.

Keeping the house clean is one of those tasks that is necessary and as I like a clean house. However, one of my favourite things when cleaning is to add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to very hot water and then mop the floor. (Pregnant women need to consult their Dr prior to using aromatherapy though)

Roses from a friend's garden with Kareen's artwork on wall in the background.

My favourite is tea tree to help kill bugs as well as to create a lovely smell, but I also love to use a bit of lavender diluted in water and wiped around bedroom window sills and rose oil is a delight as well. Lemon is lovely in the kitchen, and you can create a beautiful aroma throughout the house by simply steaming some water, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon in a bowl in the oven for a while.

My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors. ~Bette Midler

House Sits - Hints for House Sitting

View of our room and view to golf course.

House sitting hints

For your home... it can be helpful if you write out a list to let us know:

  • your bin night
  • where your electricity board is
  • what your pool needs are and how any pumps run
  • how the tv works
  • how heating/air conditioning works
  • garden - let us know of local water restrictions

    For those little emergencies that occasionally crop up... please leave us a list of phone numbers for tradespeople you like to use, or people to call in an emergency.

    For your pets please provide all their food and leave a list to let us know...

  • their favourite walking places
  • how often and how long a walk
  • can they be let off the leash
  • are they social with other dogs
  • favourite toys and games
  • their grooming and bath times
  • bed time routine
  • their feeding times and amounts
  • when their flea control is due
  • any medication routines
  • their vet's phone number
  • if they are easily frightened (thunder, water, noise)
  • do they like to roam - can they escape
  • if they are microchipped

    Emergencies Illnesses or accidents can happen to all of us, so let your house sitters know your...

  • Pet's kennel
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • A friend/neighbour who may be willing to step in