What would this world be like without dogs? Mary Oliver

"What would this world be like without dogs?" Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver reads from Dog Songs

Usually when we are asked to house sit, home owners are going away and need care for their beloved pets. I am posting this for the dog lovers among us, I hope you enjoy this reading by the late Mary Oliver.

Percy (One). Mary Oliver.

Our new dog, named for the beloved poet,
Ate a book which unfortunately we had
Left unguarded.
Fortunately it was the Bhagavad Gita,
Of which many copies are available.
Every day now, as Percy grows
Into the beauty of his life, we touch
His wild, curly head and say,
“Oh, wisest of little dogs.”

I'm going to take some inspiration from Mary Oliver and tell about it. Will you join me in writing about what you see in your every day life? The little moments that make up the day.

Our Pee Wees - Kareen F

It's a heatwave out there.
The birds even want to come inside.
The peewees are frowning at me
not letting them.
Instead I fill their water bowls
and they jealously guard it.
The air feels like soup to walk into.
And I wonder if it feels like soup
to fly in.

In fond memory of Mary Oliver.

Confederation Basin Kingston Ontario

Wanderlust: Noun - a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.

I was talking to a friend at yoga yesterday, and she said that she thinks I have wanderlust. For the next half hour I heard all about her travels overseas, and the ones she has planned. What's that about everyone we meet is our mirror? Wanderlust is the word for the week. Here are some scenes from our recent travels in Sydney. After meeting some new Canadian friends in Sydney, we are now contemplating house sitting in Canada.

The view from where we stayed in Sydney. So many cruise ships visiting, a different one each day. They are so quiet entering and leaving the harbour. We were only aware of the ship's horn as she notified the harbour of her exit.

A Salvador Dali sculpture exhibit was on at The Rocks, but we'd seen it in Paris. Just thought I'd drop that in there.

We wandered around Sydney's foreshores, and then hoped on one ferry after the next. Thoroughly enjoyed walking around Watson's Bay.

The magnificent fig trees at Camp Cove

We had a great time in Sydney, meeting up with old friends and meeting new friends from Canada at Squires Landing at The Quay.

A little bit of synchronicity, on returning home. I found a sweet little watercolour at my local shop. We'd been chatting with new friends and sailors from around this area in Canada. I've never seen any artworks of Canada before in our small home town, in fact anywhere in Australia for that matter.

Confederation Basin Lake Ontario not sure of the artists name - G. Gage?

The Hawaiians have a saying, 'mea e kālele ana ma luna o kou kiʻi hou o' - 'what you focus on you get more of'. Perhaps it was after listening to stories of sailing on Lake Ontario, which brought my attention to the painting or synchronicity, who knows but it was fun to see. I hope you get to visit OZ again one day M & R - thanks again for a lovely evening at The Quay.

A little t-shirt wisdom I spotted at the Quay.

Fancy a water front camping site for a night or more? Check out Cockatoo Island, for basic stays to upmarket glamping.

We have seen more of Sydney now that we don't live there, as tourists, than we did in over 30 years as residents. What a beautiful Harbour we have. And, how great are our ferries and water ways to travel on. Can't wait for our next trip down there.

Before the drive home we had a lovely stop off at a favourite spot we discovered last year, while house sitting on Sydney Harbour. Flying Bear at Kirribilli - highly recommended.

The Mountain Is Calling

The mountain seemed to be calling and so we headed off to visit Mt Tambourine

A little bit of fun at a Japanese store

I really 'should' have asked for permission to photograph inside the store... it was so gorgeous, and I'd have loved one of the kiminos that were sold there. Only thing is, what to do with it, once I got it home.

Loved the sculpture at the lookout on top of Mt Tambourine.

Had to giggle at that chain and the sign together. AND not one padlock but two.


Happy New Year... May 2019 bring many blessings, wonderful adventures and great companionship along the journey.

Swans on Lake Serenity.

Mele Kalikimaka

From our house to yours...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,
however you celebrate the season,
we hope it's full of love, friendship and joy.

One Day Drives... A Forest Walk

What a beautiful country we live in. How lucky are we to be able to visit so many amazing areas. We decided to visit an old favourite place for lunch, and discovered that it now has new owners and a new name.

Once called Blue Poles, now The Byabarra.
Still the same gorgeous view and lunch was lovely.

Time to walk after our lunch, and we decided seeing how we were where we were, that for a change we would visit the forest.

It had been about 15 years since we visited this forest. All those years ago, we walked with friends and made it all the way to Rawson Falls. We left our start a bit late to make it to the base of the forest, but had a lovely walk to the first lookout.

A dear little fairy wren greeted us when we first walked into the forest, and followed us all the way there and back.

It is about a 3 hour return walk, and very steep. If you happen to decide to visit, make sure you take good walking shoes, it can be a rough path in certain areas, and it's quite steep. However if you enjoy bush walking, I am sure that you will find it's worth the walk all the way to the falls.

Moments like that really make my day. Fairy wrens were my mother's favourite birds and it was a lovely thought that this one was guiding us through the forest.

I felt my mum's presence close to me that day, a beautiful gift from nature.

Images below from National Parks NSW Rawson Falls NSW... click here to find out how to get there

Fairy Wren Image: Birds In Backyards.net.

A New Chapter

We're beginning a NEW chapter in our lives, starting with a new home, in another state. We'll still be house sitting, but for now, we're busily planning and packing and sorting.

It's amazing how much stuff accumulates over the years. In addition to the items that seem to multiply in our house, after my mum passed away last year, I've also inherited quite a few of her things. Including her dog Emma. Emma has settled in nicely and is a lovely addition to our home.

I'm not sure what is happening with Emma and the visiting neighbourhood cat, Chairman Meow though. Chairman Meow sleeps on our deck in the winter, and I've taken pity on her and fixed her up a bed in one of our old dog boxes. It has a comfy pillow and covering so she can get warm and stay in out of the chill.

I strongly suspect that Chairman Meow gives Emma her psychic cat eye when I'm not looking. It's funny as a circus really, it looks as though the cat is ignoring the dog and poor old Emma runs quickly past her, or simply refuses to go out onto the deck.

So what do these pictures have to do with where we are moving to I hear you wonder? Well... we'd been trying to find a place to live in Lennox but no where has appeared, so we are heading past it to another destination.

I have to say though, I'll be looking forward to the not-so-distant weekend trips from our new home, to Lennox in the not-to-distant future. Who knows, maybe we can meet for coffee at The Point.

Our very favourite home we lived in for a time. Who knows maybe one day...