Crowdy Bay National Park - Diamond Head

A lazy Sunday morning having coffee and reading Danny Gregory's, Everyday Matters this morning. One chapter stood out to me, he had written about really 'seeing'...

When you look at something you are filing it into a category, "I'm in the park", "Here's Soho", "Light's green." It's easy it's fast it's the way to cope with NY. But when you just let yourself SEE, it's like opening a window on the first day of spring. Things flow in, sharp, differentiated. Instead of whipping past, you study things you didn't really know existed."

I've been studying and teaching mindfulness for some years now, and it is interesting, if you start to slow down... and take your time when looking, what you do see. I'd never seen rainbow surf till a couple of years ago, but now if the light is right, just on dusk, when the sun is low in the sky, you will see rainbows on wave crests. It still amazes me that it's taken me till my late 50's to see that, given that the beach is my happy place, my walking place and general go to place.

I've been wanting to head down to Diamond Head, and today seemed like a good day for a bush walk, so we packed up a picnic and headed off. With Danny Gregory's writing in my mind, I slowed down and attempted to move past looking and into seeing. Split Rock at Crowdy Head National Park pictured above.

The stones in this area are so interesting, and a range of basalt, granite and all sizes and shapes. Ideal for stacking, and it was a delight to see all the stone stacks that people had left behind. We both joined in and created one as well.

Dannys' words stayed with me this morning as I balanced on stones, steadying myself against the wind that was buffeting me, in order to take photos. On the way back I kept looking up at this stone formation, and as I slowed down stopped and looked, my eyes focused in on a giant stone heart. What a delight to see and a reminder to stop and really see.

It was a gorgeous wintry day to wander...

If you're ever in the vicinity, and like camping, there are spots for your van or tent, with lots of kangaroos and wallabies grazing, it would be a lovely place to spend a night or two. Or take some overseas tourists there, to see the wildlife close up.

And the locals seem pretty friendly - sadly no dogs allowed.

We did the shorter of the walks, from Diamond Head Campground to Mermaid Lookout, as the afternoon was closing in and the temperatures dropping. Next visit we will allow more time, and do the longer walk that takes in Natural Arch.

Who knows we may even spot a mermaid on Mermaid Reef.

More info on Diamond Head walks: click here

Favourite places.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.

One of our favourite spaces to visit.

A hidden sanctuary close to a main road - you could be miles from anywhere once inside.

We've been searching for a home in Queensland and we have found a house we really like. While the negotiations still seem a long way off at this stage, with that prospect in mind, I've been starting to clear things; throwing out old papers, recycling clothes and moving on unwanted items.

The last two days has seen me getting our family photos into categories and into boxes. It was with a great sigh of relief, a great lot of fond memories, a few chuckles and a few little tearies over lost family members in the process. Anyway, I have finished those, but I'm sadly behind in keeping my digital photos in order.

Today I've started the digital organising and much the same as the photos, we've been having a few funny memories and a few sad ones as we sort through old videos, and photos. Old floppy discs and old computers are on their way to recycling, and after throwing away the floppy discs, I wonder how much longer we'll be using CD discs. Or how much longer we'll be able to access them.

Anyway, here are a few of our favourite family photos, I hope you'll enjoy a trip down memory lane with us.

A favourite boat house across the bay.

It was always a joy to wander through the garden here at Seaforth, the little vistas that drew my attention, always something to admire.

Life's little moments make the best memories.

The old Seaforth Pool, many a happy hour was spent here...

Anyway, back to the clearing...

hope you're having a great day, and making some lovely memories.

Happy Easter

Egg Sculpture and Mosaic by Dianne Sonnenberg. If you enjoy sculpture and mosaics too, you can view how it was made here by clicking here. This beautiful sculpture sits on a private ranch in Texas. I so love seeing sculpture sitting in fields like this. Some years ago we were living in Ballina and the Tea Tree Plantation used to hold annual sculpture exhibits in their acreage, it was such fun to wander the path. One year there was a giant red chair in the paddock. It was like being in a set from Alice in Wonderland.

We woke to a wet Good Friday here in Helensvale, just managed a short walk with Molly and Casper before the rain started again. Looking out from our house sit onto the water is lovely though even in the rain, I love the many moods of water. A swan stopped by to say hello this morning. I thought it was going to come ashore when it saw us watching it, but no and it swam away again.

Molly and Casper checking the lines.

Time for a coffee. Wishing you and yours love and togetherness this Easter...

and a great big share of chocolate eggs. (Easter Egg by Jeff Koons)

Skydiving and Yachts

From time to time we toss up buying a yacht. A MacGregor has been contemplated more than once, then we watch episodes of Sailing La Vagabonde and toss up buying a catamaran, and then it all gets too hard so we sit on a Marina and look at them instead.

But you can't go too far wrong, sitting at Hope Island having a lovely coffee at one of the cafes here.

Or take a stroll around and look at the lovely gardens and native frangipanis...

And if you feel like it, a sun downer at Two Friends Wine Bar Hope Island Marina. On the weekends you'll also enjoy a musician from the Conservatory playing for you.

A lovely way to finish the day.

PS... In case you haven't seen them yet, and if you like yachting and vicarious travel videos visit Sailing La Vagabonde - click here for their youtube channel.