Home Owners Info

A few home owners have asked us what they need to tell us about their homes. Mostly running a house is the same everywhere, what tends to differ is where we store items, and how appliances operate.

House sitting hints

For your home... it can be helpful if you write out a list to let us know:

  • your bin night
  • where your electricity board is
  • what your pool needs are and how any pumps run
  • garden - let us know of local water restrictions

    For those little emergencies that occasionally crop up... please leave us a list of phone numbers for tradespeople you like to use, or people to call in an emergency.

    For your pets please provide all their food and leave a list to let us know...

  • how often and how long a walk
  • are they social with other dogs
  • favourite toys and games
  • their feeding times and amounts
  • when their flea control is due
  • any medication routines
  • their vet's phone number
  • if they are easily frightened (thunder, water, noise)