Summer Walks

Waiting for the sun - or wanting to meet a new friend?

It has been so humid lately that I've been heading out for my walks, either first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon. Either way, the beach has been such a joy to visit. The cool sea breezes, the amazing light, the ocean and the animals have all been very beautiful. There are so many dolphins to be seen surfing in the waves at present, I never know what delight is awaiting me.

Some mornings seem to have a little something extra don't they?

Over summer, we have been making the most of Lighthouse Beach,
and walks in the cooler part of the day.

I'd love to claim ownership of the brilliant idea to photograph the rocks at dawn, but the truth of the matter is that I spotted a photographer, with a giant lens. So I wandered over to see what he was taking photos of, and spotted the sunlight caressing the seaweed on these rocks.

It reminded me of a scene I'd expect to see in Ireland or some remote Celtic landscape. I'm having a little wishful thinking about possessing one of those cameras aka said photographer, that can give me delightfully haunting, misty seascape images. In the meantime, my trusty, hardy little Olympus will suffice.

Lighthouse Beach at dawn...

My little model seemed very happy to pose in the early morning light.

Footnote: Sadly our little darling dog friend Candy - in the pics above, passed away in March suddenly of congestive heart failure. Needless to say lots of tears have fallen, and we miss her so much. What a great little friend she was to us both.