A Month in Paris... Marie Antoinette's Hamlet

A trip to Versailles isn't complete without a visit to Marie Antoinette's Hamlet. It was one of our favourite places in Versailles, and we nearly missed it. It was only a short walk from The Petit Trianon, so if you are visiting, try to find some time to visit.

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A Month In Paris... The Dangers of Paris

Before we left for Paris, we were warned about all the dangers... and I have found that yes, you have to be very cautious, as you will find these types of temptations lurking on many streets.

My suggestion is to give in as soon as possible and take your pick.

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A Month In Paris... The Temple de L'Amour

Image Wikimedia: Par Moonik

Many days on the metro we pass by Pont Neuilly and catch a glimpse of this beautiful little temple perched at the tip of the Ile de la Jatte. So we decided to hop off the train and go and see it.

Image Wikimedia: Par Moonik

Sad to say, we arrived at the Temple de L'Amour, only to find it sealed behind bars, sadly that was as far as we were allowed to go. We got to the Temple of Love to find it shut! Kevin thought that would make a great title for a country and western song, so we made up some lyrics while we were strolling around the park. If I was game enough, I'd youtube it for you. But I'm not, so I won't. :)

It was sad to see the grafitti on the statue, and I wished I could do some volunteering and go and clean it off. Kevin wanted to go in and clear out the weeds, which got me to wondering, do the French have volunteers to care for some of these areas?

How much fun would it be to have your little bicycle perched at the side of the road waiting for you as you walk up from your house boat while living on the Seine? But only if it has little flowers attached to the bell, and I perhaps would add a little basket where I could put mon petit chien.

Ah the cuteness you find when looking how to spell petit chien.

From the sign: Claude Monet had a boat studio from which he would paint the banks of the Seine accompanied by his friends, one of whom was Gustave Caillebotte, who moored his boat at Gennevilliers, not far from the island of Ille de la Jatte. It was perhaps on one of these river trips that Monet landed on the island to paint his remarkable canvas "Springtime Through The Branches."

Springtime Through the Branches - Claude Monet

At the side of the Seine next to Ille de la Jatte, you will find some lovely house boats moored. I'd love to stay in one some time, and I notice that there are a few that you can rent via Air BnB if you'd like to have an alternative to a hotel room in Paris.

The house boats all have private entries - loved this sign on one of them.

Life goes on as normal and the only thing different really

is that your house hangs onto land by a rope - and you have a lovely water view.

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Notes from Hudson

Hi family, just a few more sleeps now till you come home

I've been thinking of you all and keeping an eye on the house,

and enjoying my walks everyday.

Sometimes I show Kareen & Kevin the forest, and sometimes our town.

I didn't want to go into the forest the other day.

Just wanted to keep to the road.

I've been playing lots of ball...

and playing host making Kevin coffee.

Such great news! We found my old favourite chew toy in the tree.

I was so happy that my tail kept wagging.

I hope you've had a great holiday, I miss you all... Lots of love, Hudson.