A month in Paris... The Metro

We are having a lovely time at our house sit in Paris, minding Hudson and his beautiful home. Each day we venture out for a few hours to explore and have started to find our way around Paris. Now that we are getting used to the metro system diagrams, we are finding our way easily.

Our first explore of the metro system. We decided to take it in small steps to explore and so set our sights on The Eiffel Tower as a destination. Once on the train I saw The Champs Elysees stop and suggested we hop off there instead.

It was almost overwhelming to emerge from the crowded train station into the beauty of Paris. The scale alone was something that was beyond what I had imagined, and the beauty was truly awe inspiring.

Machine gun armed guards, were again patrolling outside the Metro station, when we emerged. Sad isn't it that this beautiful city is under invisible siege. I can't imagine what it must be like to live here all the time and see machine gun armed guards patrolling train stations and popular areas, it must put everyone on high alert, the stress must come out in some way.

We wandered along for a way and found Pont Alexandre 111. The bridge connects The Champs Elysees quarter with Les Invalides and The Eiffel Tower. What an amazing sight to see the glittering gold on the bridge and the statues, set against the dark cloudy sky.

We were ready for a coffee break about the time we spotted Bistrot Alexandre 111 moored just near Pont Alexandre. There are some people who do hospitality so well, and this is one of those places. If you find yourself on Pont Alexandre 111 do yourself a favour and stop for a while here. Sit and take in the Seine and the Bridge and Paris while in the excellent care of the staff here.

Once you start to wander along the Seine from this point, you will in no time come across another special sight...