Helping Out

'Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.' ~ Dan Greenburg

Lots of meowing today, it's raining and Muggles is not impressed. So after an attempt to crawl into the computer case, she decided instead to help out with the computing. So cute.

A touch of whimsy and a UFO sighting

Muggles the pusskin we are minding on our Glebe housesit

What I love about housesitting is that I get to go walking for hours exploring new areas. Finding a garden tended by someone who really loves their home, or a pretty bicycle leaning on a fence, a piece of street art, little sculptures in gardens, it all makes to make my day.

I do love to see a bit of whimsy on my walks

Lots of love in this garden in Glebe

Re-purposed trampoline now a patio cover... how clever -
would you have thought of this? I wouldn't have in a million years.

Even the drains are interesting here

Loved the colour of this bicycle -

and this one too...

Discovered this this trompe l'oeil in a backstreet

And possibly the closest I'll ever come to a UFO

Well time to head off for coffee

Street art and a rescue

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.
~ Raymond Inmon

Candy at Blackwattle Bay

Gee it certainly seemed as though the angels were whispering to us over the last few days while on our Glebe housesit. We've had a few occasions where we've been able to help out over the last week...

Glebe Street Art Sign

One of those happened when Kevin took Candy out for her morning walk the other morning. A neighbour had fallen over and couldn't get back up again - poor darling had been on the sidewalk for 20 minutes, when Kevin discovered her rocking backwards and forwards in an attempt to stand up again. Needless to say, Kevin helped her up and saw her safe to her door. Now every time we go past the gate, Candy sniffs and stops and seems to want to go visit.

Respect - Street Art Glebe - some walls in Glebe have been designated as Street Art Legal

We hopped on the light rail yesterday and went off to see the Archibald Prize at the NSW Art Gallery. We hopped on the train feeling a lot younger than when we slowly, and somewhat more carefully, stepped our way off again. A young fellow told us in a distraught voice, that we'd been ripped off by the ticket person. He said, 'seniors like you, should only pay $2.50 for an all day pass!'. I took a glance behind me to see who he was talking to, but realised that, yes, he was talking to Kev and myself. Oh Dear. Now technically, while Kev's going to be a senior in October, I'm not actually a senior till next year... and... I'd thought we were doing OK for our ages... but apparently not. So I had a bit of a sinking feeling for a while, and then had to stop a smile, as Kevin and I looked at one another... but thanked him for his kind thoughts.

'Soundscape' Mosaic Art by Artist Marian Shapiro

So we doddered away from Central station, and headed off to the gallery... we had a long talk about how far we will be able to travel on our senior's bus passes soon. I'll be the one with the old guy till next year, toy girl that I am. Then possibly due to the fact that we were not actually paying attention to what we were doing, or dare I say it, due to few 'senior' moments, we got a tad lost on our way from Central station. But we didn't care, it was a nice day for a long walk, and we discovered some street art along the way including the gorgeous mosaics at 200 Goulburn Street Sydney...

Loved Marian Shapiro's Mosaics - what patience! Marian's website - click here to visit

A tad lost in the back streets of Sydney we stumbled across some quirky street art

Card player street art

Monkey - Street Art Sydney

We noticed something seemed to be a little amiss at the museum on our way past...

Just about the time I thought we'd managed to get ourselves quite lost, we stumbled across a street sign with directions to the art gallery. Memo to self - take your glasses with you, so that you can read google directions on iphone.

'Rally' by Nike Savvas installation in the NSW Art Gallery - Renowned for her physically immersive and optically dazzling installations, Sydney artist Nike Savvas energises the Gallery’s 'main street’ with a newly commissioned installation (you can learn more in the video below)

Canvasses leaning up against one another in the packing room...

No I didn't turn that one around, and yes, I was tempted to flick through the rest!

Cheeky rainbow lorikeet taking a drink from my glass at lunch at The Gallery

Eero Aarnio Dogs at the NSW Art Gallery - Gallery Link here

Chilly winter housesit in Glebe

"The cat could very well be man's best friend
but would never stoop to admitting it.
" ~ Doug Larson

We've been minding the gorgeous blue eyed Muggles at Glebe.

Muggles is getting used to having our dog Candy in her house,
and letting her know who is boss here.

Gosh it's been a cold wintery start to our housesit, with lots of very well wrapped up walks around Blackwattle Bay. Thank goodness we packed the gloves and beanies. Lovely though, to be all warm in the frosty air, and walking around this interesting area.

We wandered down to the Blackwattle Cafe for a morning coffee all rugged up and cosy. My goodness the coffee was good and I've never seen such well dressed poochies at a cafe before. So many gorgeous outfits.

This little cutie was one of Kevins' favourites.

Wandering around Blackwattle Bay view to Anzac Bridge

Glebe Point was originally home to the Wangal people, many of whom died in the smallpox outbreak of 1789.

In that year 400 acres of land here was granted to the Reverend Richard Johnson, chaplain of the First Fleet. The land was a ‘glebe’ which was intended to produce crops and income sufficient to maintain him and the church activities. It remained undeveloped until 1828, when many noxious industries such as tanneries and abattoirs were forced out of the city. A dominant industrial use in Glebe until the 1970s was timber yards.

I was interested to learn what a 'glebe' was - good old Wikipedia and in case you'd like to know as well... Glebe - is an area of land within an ecclesiastical parish used to support a parish priest.

Wattle at Blackwattle Bay

Bougainvillea blooming on the walk around Blackwattle Bay

Magnificent tree at Blackwattle Bay Park

Pod tree house at Blackwattle Bay Glebe - loved this - want one!

Find more walks around Glebe at Glebe Walks or pick up a brochure at the Glebe Library on Glebe Point Road.

A lot of loud banging and fireworks exploding mid afternoon, ignited our curiosity. Following the sound, we wandered up the street at the rear of where we are staying, to discover the Sze Yup Temple. Apparently the Sze Yup Temple is one of Sydney's oldest temples, built by Chinese immigrants from the Kwongtung Region Part of it was built in 1898.

We just missed the dragon dancers, but searching for the temple online I discovered a fascinating site with a wealth of information about Glebe - The Glebe Society. Visiting the site led me to a fascinating page - Who Lived in Your Street - if you are interested in learning more visit The Glebe Society.

We met Charlie on our walk around Blackwattle Bay. He seemed to be sitting ever so patiently waiting for his owner, and we thought they'd be on their way around the walkway. But after a few minutes no-one showed up.

Such a gorgeous boy, and so gentle. Luckily his tag was on his collar, so we were able to call for help... and soon his walker came to take him home. I think I'm going to pack a spare lead in my backpack, we meet quite a few doggies on their own, while on our journeys out and about. So good to be able to get them home safe and sound.