Rainbows on wave crests, apples and roses.

A few of my favourite things today... rainbows on wave crests and apples and roses...

Well, I never realised until last Saturday, that if the light touches a wave at just the right angle, it will create a rainbows on the wave's crest.

One of the highlights was watching the surfers trail rainbows behind them. One rainbow trail blazed red then the next purple, my little panasonic that I walk with each day, struggled to capture the sight, but I was still delighted to have a few reminders of the day.

It was so magical watching the waves turn into rainbows that my morning walk stretched into a three hour ooo and aww fest.

What's better after a magical morning than a delightful treat to follow, I discovered Manuela's Rose Shaped Apples.

A beautiful rose-shaped dessert made with lots of soft and delicious apple slices, wrapped in sweet and crispy puff pastry. Yummo.