Collect moments not things...

Well maybe collect the occasional thing, as if The Louvre hadn't collected their amazing amount of treasures where would we all be? We were discussing the problem of antiquities being taken out of their native country as we wandered through The Louvre. Do you think in the light of present day threats, that maybe - and this is only a maybe - that it may be of benefit that some treasures are scattered around the globe?

One of my favourite places in The Louvre were Louis X1V's apartments.

"When we wander through the Louvre — now one of the largest museums in the world — it’s hard to imagine that it was first a fortress, then a royal residence for several hundred years."

"Some of its royal residents stayed for a short time only, preferring the calm of the Loire valley or the splendors of Versailles. Although the palace furniture and decorative objects have long since gone, the walls and ceilings still bear traces of this distant past. So follow the royal trail, from the vestiges of the medieval Louvre to the dazzling interiors of the reign of Sun King Louis XIV, and as you walk the rooms, staircases, and stables of the former palace, imagine what it was like to live in luxury in the Louvre!"

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