Witches Falls Mt Tamborine

A really gorgeous hike at Witches Falls today. The weather is so lovely right now. Crisp, clear days and cool nights, a bit of sun to warm you here and there. We learned today that Witches Falls was declared as the first National Park in Queensland in 1908. Someone was forethinking - I haven't found out who the precious soul/s was/were who thought to do this, but we all owe them a debt of thanks.

"Basalt columns, cliffs, rocky outcrops and waterfalls are a lasting legacy of volcanic eruptions 23 million years ago. Tamborine is the most northerly remnant of the flows from a volcano centred on Mount Warning (Wollumbin)."

Why Witches Falls? Imagine, night settles over the forest and nocturnal creatures start venturing out. In the darkness, twigs break with a sharp 'snap' and leaves rustle overhead - an eerie place for children. So the story tells us on the board at the falls. (Eerie? Heck I'd be terrified.)

Apparently Hilda Curtis as an 8 year old girl used to round up the cows after school. Sometimes the cows would wander down off the mountain and by the time she got them back up and along to the creek it would be dark.

And on a cloudy night pitch black. Like most children in those days, she was raised with Grimm's Fairy Tales. She was sure that the dark forest on the creek was haunted, sho she called them Witches Falls and the name has stuck.

This is an easy walk if you are used to walking on trails, we did the entire walk, and it took us about two hours with getting lost thrown in to the mix. I'm thinking of investing in walking poles, there were some narrow steep areas on this walk, and it would have been nice to have had the steadying influence of the poles.

Do take your water, let someone know where you are, there are some steep areas, and a bit of a climb, I hadn't done anything for a couple of weeks, so my heart rate got a bit of a workout.

Also I'd suggest using some insect repellent before you go, there were quite a few mozzies wanting to have a nibble.

After arriving at the Falls, we should have gone back to the circuit and followed that trail. But we took another path which lead us up to another road, far away from the carpark. So we decided to retrace our steps after chatting with a local who was going to send us even further off the track. About then, I was really regretting the choice to not take my heavy waterbottle with me.

The walk wouldn't have been an issue, had we taken our water and insect spray. The odd anxious feeling crept in when I realised we didn't have a clue where we were and I was getting hot and a bit discombobulated. After a few slow breaths I remembered seeing the circuit walk sign, and headed for that. Both of us enjoyed the walk anyway, and the views are stunning.

Witches Falls Creek - this runs into the waterfall - can you imagine an 8 year old rounding the cows up here close to the edge of a sheer drop in the dark?

Photo of base of falls by Maxine Coquard @ Queensland Govt. I'm not at all sure of how you'd get to the base of the falls unless you know some of the trails.

We finished off the walk with a lunch at St Bernards Hotel - gorgeous views and we made lunchtime by only 2 minutes.

There are three of these beauties in the hotel, they are usually sleeping happily in their room off the hotel foyer, where you can take pictures.

Fingal Head

Fingal Head is a village on the Tasman Sea coast in the far northeast of New South Wales, Australia, about 5 km south of the New South Wales and Queensland border. The village is often just called Fingal. The headland and the small off-shore Island (Cook Island) were first sighted by James Cook about 17:00 on 16 May 1770 (log date and time). Thank you Wikipedia

And it's jaw droppingly beautiful.

Cook Island

How is it that we've been driving past for so many years, and have never explored here before?

Fingal Head Lighthouse

Such a lovely area to wander through here, an easy walk too.

The walk around this area has a feeling of going back in time, yet most of it has been restored by dune care from an old sand quarry.

Dreamtime Beach
Seriously, if you're in the vacinity, take the time to drive in, stop off at the Sheoak Shack - click here to visit their facebook page for something to keep your spirits up. (Thursday to Sunday at present best check)

The Sheoak Shack is a delightfully quirky arty farty cafe. It's very laid back, think Byron 30 years ago, for service and style.

Lovely food, some good tunes playing in the background and they have music on the weekend, think it's Saturday, again best check and BOOK. I heard a lot of tables being booked when we were there the other day.

AND you can bring your family member with you.

The doggie lounge area.

A tiny look around inside.

Tea Towel wisdom by Nadine Sawyer

The Queensland Border is Open

"Restriction creates yearning, you want what you cannot have."
Portia De Rossi

The border opened for Queensland on the 1st of October. So that means we can travel to Northern NSW again. House sitting is once again open for us, in one of our favourite areas. Gosh we've missed the simple ability to go into NSW, there's nothing like restrictions to make you feel stuck. Or is that just me?

Whatever you do, don't try to invade Queensland right now, it could be very expensive. I'm wondering how they come up with the fine amounts.

Not my lock but I did indeed leave part of my heart in Lennox Head. View from the top of the headland. We had a lovely walk up from the Point Cafe all the way to the top of Lennox Headland. We saw whales but sadly, it was a bit sobering to walk up there and see all the notices to call lifeline.

Anyways, we've been down to NSW a couple of times now and have had some wonderful explores. Places we've never been before, now taking time to simply take the road less travelled and we're finding some gorgeous places.

The first weekend the border opened, I thought it would be a nice getaway for Kevin's birthday to travel down the coast. I tried to book into Lennox Head, but as that was already booked out. So I looked further afield, and found a gorgeous air bnb at East Ballina. It turned out even better than I'd imagined and we'll be going back again.

View from the back patio at our Air BNB at East Ballina. Here's the link if you're travelling through, tell Steve you saw this post on our blog. It was so peaceful, I didn't want to leave. Here's their info:

The home is set amongst tropical gardens in a quiet neighbourhood. The bird life makes more noise than the neighbours! Guests enjoy a spacious bedroom and separate lounge area, a bathroom with shower and bath and a separate toilet. There is a large undercover area where guests can relax and look out over our saltwater pool area and the adjacent river. River views are from most rooms. Guests have private access via a side path.

Waterfront Oasis click here.

SWELL 2020

It was such a gorgeous day to visit the Swell Sculpture Festival 2020. We headed down to Currumbin to see this year's offerings, and we weren't disappointed. Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

All of the sculpture is for sale so if something grabs your attention, contact Swell - click here.

How gorgeous is this sweetie pie? We had to have a pat.

A welcome stop at Currumbin Surf Club, for a coffee with a spectacular view, great coffee and really wonderful staff.

This is such a gorgeous beach to wander, and take in the beauty of the beach.