We offer - We ask

As experienced house sitters, we offer you the comfort of knowing that we will care for your home with a great deal of care and attention. If you would like us to, we will keep you up-to-date while you are away, with emails or text messages. We are based in Australia and are available for house sitting within Australia as well as overseas.

When house sitting we offer to:

  • Collect the mail
  • Water the garden/plants
  • Mow the lawn
  • Care for the pool
  • Give your home general everyday upkeep

    The types of animals we care for:

    We specialise in caring for dogs. We are very experienced with a wide range of breeds, and simply adore taking care of them, and love taking them for walks. If you have fish we can follow your instructions about how much food to sprinkle. We have also been given the OK by very particular cats who have allowed us to do their bidding.

    Little Oney the Chihuahua/Foxy cross

  • We follow your requests for pet walks - where your pet likes to go.
  • We can take pets to the groomers if you would like us to while you are away.
  • We have a lot of experience with and can look after elderly pets.
  • We ensure that they have lots of cuddles, and chats.
  • We give doggies massage to help them with any stress of being away from you.
  • We make sure their flea control is given when it is due.
  • If you like we can email you some pictures of their time with us.
  • We are currently using updates via WhatsApp a free (worldwide) text & photo sharing service..

    If you would like us to, we will post pictures of your pet on this blog, so that you can see their adventures while you are away.

    Candy at Blackwattle Bay Cafe Glebe

    What we ask for the pet we are minding:

    We ask that the pets are flea controlled and clean, that all their food is supplied, treats etc ready for them. Vets: please let the vet know that you will be away and who we are, please organise with them how fees will be paid for prior to your trip - we do not cover vet fees. If your dog is large, likes to go to doggie beaches swim and get sandy, we ask to use your car to take it to and fro for exercise - please make sure that we are covered in your car's insurance policy.

    Please do not ask us to mind dogs that are not leash trained, who are difficult to lead, or have a tendency to bite.

    Where we house sit

    We prefer areas near the water as we enjoy walking near the beach or areas around the harbour or river. We are available for house sits in Australia as well as Canada, France, Greece, Italy, UK, USA - if I haven't mentioned your country and you would like us to travel to your home, please contact us.

    Types of homes we housesit

    We live in a lovely home, and when we travel, we have fairly simple requirements... that your home is in a nice area, a pleasant place to stay, that it is clean, with a lovely, quiet bedroom with queen or king size bed. We ask that you supply internet access, and if possible, garage parking or off street parking.

    House Sits - Bookings

    Arrival dates - Departure Dates

    We live in Helensvale on The Gold Coast Queensland, Australia. If it is a last minute house sit, we are happy to fly to your home, if you can leave your car for us to drive. Some home owners have invited us to stay the evening prior to their departure, others leave and we arrive shortly after their departure. It's really up to you. We can wait for you to arrive home, or leave early the morning of your return.

    Overseas house sitting:
    If you ask us to fly to your home overseas, it would be a great help if you could pick us up from the airport, or, pay for our costs to and from the airport.

    Can we fly you to our home on our private jet? Oh I can dream can't I?

    Yes, you sure can, we have current passports. Or... if you have access to a lot of frequent flyer points that you can share with us to help us travel to your home, that would be fabulous.

    Emergency return

    If you decide to, or need to return home early, requiring us to find accommodation elsewhere urgently, we charge a fee of $350 to cover two days accommodation.