Websites that we have used to find some fabulous house sits:

House Carers - click here

We were offered our fabulous Paris house sit via House Carers. They are a great site to join, very friendly and supportive. We highly recommend them.

Trusted House Sitters

We were offered a great house sit in Arcy-Sur Cure in France, and another one in Italy and New York thanks to Trusted House Sitters.

Aussie House Sitters - click here for our page.

We've had so many house sits offered all around Australia, thanks to Aussie House Sitters. Contact us prior to joining for a code to give you a discount off your membership fee - in case the date below has expired.

Train your puppy... Online - Taylor has a great App that you can use for info on how to train your dog. Not an affiliate link, just a blurb to promote great work.

Aloha K9 Training - Click Here

This is a picture of my beautiful rescue dog Candy, I only had her for two years, but what a great two years, she lives in my heart forever.