All these years we've been driving straight past Newcastle, and I never realised that so much lovelieness was just a short drive off the main highway. It's certainly on our list of stop offs now.

The circular wading pool at Newcastle Ocean Baths
The wading pool used to have a map of the world in the base a local told us

...getting a bit arty with my photography don't you think?

The view of Newcastle Beach from our room

Ocean Baths - art deco buildings - how gorgeous

Ready for our morning coffee (really nice coffee)

AND... a doggie friendly cafe too! (we loved that - always on the lookout for poochie friendlies)

The Bathers Cafe had lots of lovely treats for a light lunch and affordable too and a lovely view and dog friendly - how great is that - and really NICE staff (a big five paw rating from us).

We were fascinated by the little dome structure at the end of the baths and came up with all sorts of fantasies about where it led. Underwater cave entrance that leads to the nearby fort... or this, an underwater cave entrance that leads to the nautilus... much more interesting than a pool drainage pump don't you think?

We had a lovely wander around the foreshore and managed to stay dry as the ocean bumped up against the retaining wall...

Sculpture by artist John Petrie to commemorate the grounding of the Pasha Bulker

Video footage of the Pahsa Bulker aground - the waves certainly pound in at this beach - as this boat and it's crew member's discovered.

The street art is amazing...

...Art by Matt Adnate
the sheer size of most of the works alone is a bit awe inspiring

This is a video of Matt painting in Hosier Lane in Melbourne, but it will give you an idea of the scale of Matt's murals

Hit the Bricks brought some of the top street artists to Newcastle in 2013

More info about Hit The Bricks click here

We had a great wander around looking at the art

How would it be if there were certain spaces where street artists could legally paint? Do you think that would work? Would it help to curtail tagging and graffitti? Or is it the forbidden aspect that is enticing?

Ipanema thongs - Broadwater - Rainbows

Windswept Candy at the Broadwater

Candy is our new little doggie, we've had her two months now, she actually has two teeth we learned at her Vet visit with Dr Gary. We discovered that she loves to chew a dentabone... only thing was she ended up with bits of it stuck in her paw fur. So we had an impromptu hairdo... hmmmm not so sure about the result.

My new little pink Ipanema flip flops at the Broadwater Gold Coast. Chrissie presie to myself. We've had a lovely week or so in Queensland catching up with family, watching movies, dancing Argentine Tango, visiting a certain yacht club that I refuse to mention as I want it to remain our secret (email me for details) and going for long walkies with the puppies along the Paradise Point walkway.

I love this place, sunset, the boats returning home, watching kids learning to sail... It's a real old fashioned wonderful yacht club and I'm in heaven sitting here. The staff is so lovely, so accommodating, helpful, friendly, the chef on race day made the yummiest prawn skewer/chicken yumminess/salad delicioso.
End sigh.

Noticed this under the Ephraim Island Bridge as we wandered past

Fuzzy at the broadwater

Rainbow over the broadwater

Love our doggie walks at Paradise Point... all sorts of fun things to snap pics of.

My Rodrigan daughter-in-law delighted us with a magic bowl

Magic Bowl also known as Bowl Reverse - oh goodness may have to try this recipe myself - I'm having a bit of a drool thinking about it - don't tell anyone though - and it's past dinner time and I'm hungry.

Aren't we lucky having all the wonderful cuisine's from around the world that we are able to try out?

Patchwork Chair we loved at my son's home

Lovely catch up with my family over Christmas, talks and walks on the beach, now on the photo wall it's official - I've been framed.