Kareen's Art

Painting is one of my joys. I've always found art and drawing fascinating. As a child I would watch my artist father sketch and I would sit mezmerised watching him turn a blank sheet of paper into a drawing. I paint the things I love from everyday life, the beach little dogs, beach houses, flowers. When I am housesitting I take along my art journaling kit and keep an art journal of the lovely sights we see along the way.

This is my painting corner at home, it has a lovely view of the golf course and lots of light. My art blog can be found at: Frangipani House - Art

Lulu goes for walkies on the beach

Riley painting underway - we saw Riley sitting outside his owner's shop at Woolgoolga on one of our housesits.

Frangipani House

Divine Lady of Presence.

When we are travelling, photography is one of my favourite creative outlets. Here's a collage on 'noticing red' on one of our house sits.