South West Rocks

The last thing I expected to see as we wandered into the gaol at South West Rocks was a kangaroo at the entrance - and a toddler about to pat it. The toddler's mum was looking fondly on as her little one was about to reach out to touch. I could almost hardly breathe when I saw it.

Have you ever seen a kangaroo rear up on it's tail and box someone? I have, and I've seen what those talons can do too. One of our dogs once got too close to a kangaroo many years ago, and had her neck sliced open. Luckily for her, the vet managed to sew her up again, and finally sent on her home to us 3 days later.

Needless to say, I didn't want that toddler to experience what I had witnessed previously. So folks if you happen to see a kangaroo, do take notice of the signs that are usually nearby, if you are in a tourist spot, that say that they are wild animals and to not touch them. If there are no signs, please remember this post!

Anyhow, problem avoided, we wandered on into the goal at a respectful distance from the kangaroo, to see the exhibition of Sculpture in the Gaol 2015.

Grass Tree

The eagle was one of my favourites, sadly the image hasn't come out too well. Lots of glare that day bouncing off gaol walls, and my iphone camera didn't seem to like that very much. Either that or it was my photographic skills - nah - must have been the glare.

I had a few fantasies about bringing this bell come home with me. The sound was just wonderful, and all through our visit it was so lovely to hear other visitors ringing it, over, and over again.

More highlights were the local school children's sculptures in the individual gaol cells.

The view from the watch tower is fantastic and we watched whales jumping and divers playing in the sea. What a spot for a tower - bit of a waste really, what a great house location it could have made.

We were ready for a stop off and headed to South West Rocks. We are always looking for pet friendly stop offs and discovered Malt and Honey Cafe. If you are passing through it is a great stop off - the food is really lovely and I had the best Chai tea I've ever had.