Rocky's Blog Week 2 - A House Sit in Biggera Waters

"What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs."

Hi family... only a few more sleeps till you all come home, and I thought I'd show you what I've been up to. In the morning I hop in the car and put on my seat belt and then we all go down to Paradise Point.

This is my new friend Finlay (we all liked his jacket) Most days I start with a gentle wander in the park with Kevin

while Kareen goes to yoga or zumba. Then we all have coffee at The Deli...
I'm a favourite of theirs now and everyone tells me how lovely I am.

After coffee we've been going for a walk gradually wandering around The Sovereign Islands looking at the park and houses.

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog,
and none of them are wrong."
W.R Purche.

And wandering down to Salacia Waters and along the beach.

I've been having lots of fun and cuddles and Kareen & Kevin said they love minding me very much.

Hi family... here I am waiting ever so patiently for you to come home. I've been inside every night, though I tried to sneak out one night, but they got me in again quickly... I've enjoying the Greenie treats and Kareen said to say that I squeak like a little mouse at dinner time. I DO NOT! Squeak like a mouse hmmmf. Love you, from Pumpkin

Exploring Paradise

The sunset over Biggera Waters last night. I read that it was going to be a Strawberry Moon. Well I didn't get to see the moon with the heavy cloud cover we had, but the sunset was absolutely spectacular and had a strawberry pink tone to it. We are in Queensland on a house sit in Biggera Waters. It is only a short drive from the village at Paradise Point and The Broadwater where we love going for our walks when we are up this way.

On a Tuesday and Thursday morning in Paradise Point Park I have been joining in the yoga class held by Madonna Williams.

It is really lovely doing yoga in the park watching the water, and then looking up to see the gorgeous trees overhead. Madonna's website can be found at: Zen Soul Life
Photo of yoga in the park from Zen Soul Life

This is gorgeous Rocky the Labradoodle we are minding...

he is an absolute gem to care for, we already adore him - and his friend Pumpkin the cat.

Each morning we head down to Paradise Point, I do a yoga class
and then meet up later with Kevin and Rocky for a coffee at The Deli.

Where's my treat?

After coffee o'clock we all headed off to explore The Sovereign Islands.
We were all wondering what had happened to the Cat moored up on the sand.

Rocky leading the way to The Islands

We had a lovely meander around and tossed up which house we'd like.

Rocky tried on his best Lion impersonation - he didn't like the Lion on the left there though as he walked past... I think I'm starting to understand the concept of Feng Shui after watching Rocky's reaction.

The delightful Pumpkin - seems a bit unfair that
Pumpkin has to stay home while we are all out having fun.

Rocky's Blog

Hi family...

I hope you are having fun. I'm going really well - I've been very busy showing Kaz & Kev around. Yesterday I took them for a drive down to Paradise Point...

...where we had a lovely walk along the Broadwater.

and I made you this heart from flowers.

I had lots of great sniffs...

... and a play on the sand.

After my walk I had a lovely sit to cool down.
(PS... Kaz said she loves my hair colour.)

I slept well and I woke up to a really really rainy day.
Luckily I noticed a break in the weather,

and I'd thought that a play with my ball would be fun.
So I suggested we go for a walk to the park...

Sending you my love and I'll chat again very soon. Love Rocky.

PPS... Pumpkin said to tell you hi and that she stayed snuggled up inside today because of the rain.