Get those running shoes on... The Gold Coast Marathon

"A good laugh and a long run are the two best cures for anything."
~ Anon (anon writes a lot doesn't s/he?)

We have been house sitting for a beautiful family and their two gorgeous pets, on the waterfront in Biggera Waters on the Gold Coast Queensland. Our house sit coincided with the running of the Gold Coast Marathon. I've watched a few marathons finish now, and I'm yet to see an ending like this artist's impression above - but it certainly captures the spirit of the finish line.

If you haven't seen the finish of a marathon, I suggest you go and watch it sometime. It's inspiring and very moving. I love exercise and dance and yoga, yet I have never really understood the whole marathon concept, and why people put themselves through the things they do. Anyway, one night we just happened to be sitting in a restaurant at a table that overlooked the marathon finish line. That night, watching the marathoners end their race, I found myself filled with admiration. There is such a buzz to be at the finish line, a bit of a carnival atmosphere - along with the sweat, tears, joy, pain, sore muscles, and the elation of finishing.

As the race was going to be just at the end of the street where we were staying, I decided to get up early to watch the runners, and cheer them on. Well good intentions, but by the time I got to the end of the street, the race official guarding the street closure told me that the main part of the race had gone through about a half hour earlier. There were still a few of the tail enders running and walking, and I heard one competitor tell another that he was just walking the race, as that would be the furthest he had ever walked. That his family were all there at the finish line, waiting for him there. Isn't that just so lovely? It was very moving listening to his story.

I loved the quirky fisiocrem signs encouraging the runners at Paradise Point.

I cheer them all on, and especially poignant are the ones who come along last but keep on going. I want to give those ones a special trophy! And a big ice bath. And some gel rub for those tired muscles.

I'd had great intentions of capturing the start of the race, and imaginings of my photos of the event on the blog. Well not this year anyway. So here's a picture of Kevin walking Fuzzy and Ruby instead. You didn't really want to see a bunch of runners anyway did you, really?

Anyways, I walked away from the street blockade and I bid the race official I was talking to a nice day. And as I left to see some more of the end of the race runner-walkers, heard him say, 'every time I wake up it's another day I have here on earth, it's a nice day'.

I hope you all have a nice day, and thanks for reading today. Now get those running shoes on and go for a run-walk. Would I go in a marathon do I hear you wonder? Ha - me? Oh my NEVER! I'll meet you at the cafe at the end of the run, and I'll be cheering you on as I see you arrive. ;)

Thank you to The Gold Coast Marathon for the top image.