Street art and a rescue

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.
~ Raymond Inmon

Candy at Blackwattle Bay

Gee it certainly seemed as though the angels were whispering to us over the last few days while on our Glebe housesit. We've had a few occasions where we've been able to help out over the last week...

Glebe Street Art Sign

One of those happened when Kevin took Candy out for her morning walk the other morning. A neighbour had fallen over and couldn't get back up again - poor darling had been on the sidewalk for 20 minutes, when Kevin discovered her rocking backwards and forwards in an attempt to stand up again. Needless to say, Kevin helped her up and saw her safe to her door. Now every time we go past the gate, Candy sniffs and stops and seems to want to go visit.

Respect - Street Art Glebe - some walls in Glebe have been designated as Street Art Legal

We hopped on the light rail yesterday and went off to see the Archibald Prize at the NSW Art Gallery. We hopped on the train feeling a lot younger than when we slowly, and somewhat more carefully, stepped our way off again. A young fellow told us in a distraught voice, that we'd been ripped off by the ticket person. He said, 'seniors like you, should only pay $2.50 for an all day pass!'. I took a glance behind me to see who he was talking to, but realised that, yes, he was talking to Kev and myself. Oh Dear. Now technically, while Kev's going to be a senior in October, I'm not actually a senior till next year... and... I'd thought we were doing OK for our ages... but apparently not. So I had a bit of a sinking feeling for a while, and then had to stop a smile, as Kevin and I looked at one another... but thanked him for his kind thoughts.

'Soundscape' Mosaic Art by Artist Marian Shapiro

So we doddered away from Central station, and headed off to the gallery... we had a long talk about how far we will be able to travel on our senior's bus passes soon. I'll be the one with the old guy till next year, toy girl that I am. Then possibly due to the fact that we were not actually paying attention to what we were doing, or dare I say it, due to few 'senior' moments, we got a tad lost on our way from Central station. But we didn't care, it was a nice day for a long walk, and we discovered some street art along the way including the gorgeous mosaics at 200 Goulburn Street Sydney...

Loved Marian Shapiro's Mosaics - what patience! Marian's website - click here to visit

A tad lost in the back streets of Sydney we stumbled across some quirky street art

Card player street art

Monkey - Street Art Sydney

We noticed something seemed to be a little amiss at the museum on our way past...

Just about the time I thought we'd managed to get ourselves quite lost, we stumbled across a street sign with directions to the art gallery. Memo to self - take your glasses with you, so that you can read google directions on iphone.

'Rally' by Nike Savvas installation in the NSW Art Gallery - Renowned for her physically immersive and optically dazzling installations, Sydney artist Nike Savvas energises the Gallery’s 'main street’ with a newly commissioned installation (you can learn more in the video below)

Canvasses leaning up against one another in the packing room...

No I didn't turn that one around, and yes, I was tempted to flick through the rest!

Cheeky rainbow lorikeet taking a drink from my glass at lunch at The Gallery

Eero Aarnio Dogs at the NSW Art Gallery - Gallery Link here