A month house sitting in Paris... minding Hudson

We are in France to mind Hudson the Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian water dog) and his lovely home in the western suburbs of Paris while his family go off on summer vacation. We had a great flight from Venice to Orly Airport and managed to find our way to our house sit.

The houses are so lovely in the area

I don't think the person at the information counter at Orly airport understood a word of what I attempted to say in French. After being quoted 30 Euro for a taxi to our destination, we were dismayed firstly when we got into the taxi to have the taxi driver lock us in, then to see the meter reaching 90 Euro. He wasn't going to undo the doors of the taxi either till we paid our fee! It was quite an alarming way to arrive, and so different from the welcoming taxi drivers in Singapore.

Day 1: We got acquainted with Hudson. Hudson isn't too fond of new comers into his home, he tends to be snappy - so we took it very easily with him and waited for him to come to us.

We had some ball games and later in the day went for a walk around the neighbourhood.

We decided to spend the first couple of days just with him, so he could get comfortable with us as his carers. He finally started to come over for little treats and eventually even allowed me to give him some massage.

Day 2 and we all went for a walk and found our way through the Foret Domaniale -

There were tiny wild strawberries and blackberries...

and the biggest snails I've ever seen.

Home for a little brush and a relax on the deck.