House Sits - Hints for House Sitting

View of our room and view to golf course.

House sitting hints

For your home... it can be helpful if you write out a list to let us know:

  • your bin night
  • where your electricity board is
  • what your pool needs are and how any pumps run
  • how the tv works
  • how heating/air conditioning works
  • garden - let us know of local water restrictions

    For those little emergencies that occasionally crop up... please leave us a list of phone numbers for tradespeople you like to use, or people to call in an emergency.

    For your pets please provide all their food and leave a list to let us know...

  • their favourite walking places
  • how often and how long a walk
  • can they be let off the leash
  • are they social with other dogs
  • favourite toys and games
  • their grooming and bath times
  • bed time routine
  • their feeding times and amounts
  • when their flea control is due
  • any medication routines
  • their vet's phone number
  • if they are easily frightened (thunder, water, noise)
  • do they like to roam - can they escape
  • if they are microchipped

    Emergencies Illnesses or accidents can happen to all of us, so let your house sitters know your...

  • Pet's kennel
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • A friend/neighbour who may be willing to step in