Coffee Hearts, Cute Cabins, Sage Quiches and Cat Wisdom

Off we go again... a quick stop over at home to collect our clothes and we are off to Sydney.

I was delighted when I saw a little heart in my coffee on our way to Sydney at Oliver's Newcastle

We found a lovely little cabin through Air BnB for two nights in Avalon - perfect for our stay in Sydney.

Our Avalon cabin... isn't it cute?

After connecting with our family, we had a lovely wander around Avalon to recharge the old batteries.

Yummy nurturing sage quiche and avocado dressing at Nourished

Loved their wall wisdom philosophy...

Life's Short stay healthy for it

Bit of cute cat wisdom on the wall

And a permission... in case you need one... to live

On a course I am doing at present, there is a lot of talk about permission slips. If you're anything like me, when you think of permission slips you're mind will go to school and kids. The ones we are doing in our current course are a bit different. Permission to learn to surf - even if you are 60. Permission to travel without a suitcase - scary. Permission to try something new - Italian cooking school in Tuscany - especially if you are 84. Get my drift? Little longings that we may hold within, dreams put on the back burner. Permission to be imperfect. Permission to get the grammar complelely wrong, hugely bigly wrongly. Permission to sing/dance/write... What would you put on your permission slip? Permission to swing on a child's swing in the park. A recent one of mine was to run through the kids park while whales spouted water, risking getting my clothes wet so that I could play with my grandkids. As I let go and played with the girls, I saw so many faces light up and smile. Boy don't we need that in life, more joy?

I first saw permission slips in a book I was reading by SARK called Inspiration Sandwich. Sark is a great believer in play and the power of fun. she's been an inspiration to me many times through her books. Below you'll find a video of her giving a TEDx talk.

If you haven't seen a TEDx talk before, they have an immense range of talks that you can tune into... TEDx talks are 'ideas worth spreading'. Another one of my favourite Ted Talks is Jane Fonda talking about life's third act.

But you'll have to excuse me, I've just written myself a permission slip to go and buy a swing to hang downstairs... what does yours say?