Colourful Lennox

Well we've finished our Gumdale house sit and we headed off to Sydney. Sadly we had a phone call to say we'd lost a family member during our last house first it looked as though Kevin would fly down while I stayed at the house, but as things worked out the funeral wasn't till a few days after we finished our sit. We were glad we could both be there for the family.

A quick stop on our way at Lennox Head for a coffee and a shiver as a storm passed through. Gosh the temperature is changeable at present, one day it's like mid summer, then next freezing again.

Loved the doggie bowl that matches the gelato bar

No I didn't eat any... I've got a month of walking to walk off the gelato from Manly

Big colourful pots dot the street

Love the octopus but I think my favourite is the mermaid

Although the turtle is pretty cute too....

Rainy day at Lennox

Loved the painting at Quattro

Yummy coffee and breakfast stop, and such great service at Quattro... I so admire people who enjoy what they do it seems to shine out of their whole being.