Arty Fig Naps

We've all been having a nanna nap today after some lovely walks over the last few days. We've been exploring and learning about this beautiful area.

Hidden in a secret corner of Wellington Point is a grove of Moreton Bay figtrees. We were wondering how old they were, turns out they were planted in 1927 - but they can live up to two thousand years - imagine that.

This is a very special place to visit. I hope you enjoy the video and share in the feeling of this place. The Quandamooka people were the first people living here. Quandamooka - welcome to country can be found here.

There is a children's playground at the base of the grove, and we loved the attention and care that has been given to it's creation.

Mosaic mandala turtles

Set into the playground as well as the paths that surround the point, you will discover beautiful mosaic mandalas and stainless steel sculptural inserts made by Carol Roche.

What a beautiful place for a playground and great trees to climb as well.

Mosaic mandala dolphins

"There was a special bond between the Aboriginal people on Minjerribah and the dolphins. Aboriginal men would call the dolphins by slapping the water and digging in the sand with their spears. The dolphins would herd the fish into the gutters, where the people caught them in towrow nets. After the people had enough fish, they would feed fish back to the dolphins." Information from - click here to learn more... (Minjerribah is also known as Stradbroke Island)

Stainless steel inserts in path Wellington Point

Ceramic crab inserts in the path at Wellington Point

Mosaics playground Wellington Point