Me and you and a dog named MOO

Up early again with the sunrise and took darling Scarlett out for her morning totter around the lawn,

then back in for her yummy breaky and a little pat.

Scarlett needs a helping hand every so often -
I think if I make it to 98 I probably will too

We headed off to Manly for our morning walk around 8ish. It was a calm morning one of those days that promises to be really warm by lunch time. We did our own totter around to Lota and the end of the pathway. By the time you get to Lota you start to enter a deep section of the Mangroves and the lovely Moreton Bay breezes disappear, so we turned around and headed back. La Mer tempted us again, siren that she is so we headed in for a morning tea.

Enjoyed watching the bream

Over morning tea the last few days, I've been having a little love affair with Sand Piper the Halvorsen that is just behind the Australia Wide tender. I've been picturing lovely days on the boat and choofing about here and there. We went to gaze at her at Australia Wide yacht brokerage and met Moo the dog. We had a lovely little pat while debating whether a yacht or a power boat would be best for us. I like the power boat idea, more room, but still like the concept of a yacht, quieter, cheaper on the petrol bills. So needless to say, we still don't have a boat. Back to sitting on the cafe deck dreaming.

It was a gorgeous morning for a walk, so we went for a wander along the yacht moorings... and I found another boat I love... Blue Star. Isn't she a beauty?

Just about the same time that I was thinking, 'if ever there was a boat that needed a figurehead' there it was in front of my eyes...

A gorgeous, little mermaid figurehead

We were getting a little suncooked wandering around the yachts, so we headed off home to let Scarlett out and to do some washing. While we were having our cuppa tea we were reflecting the possibility of living around this area.

I could be tempted to move to Manly, there's a certain Italian restaurant that I could visit a few times a week, of course I'd have to up the walking to four hours a day, but it'd be worth it!. The other night we fancied a pizza so we headed off to Manly Village Pizzeria & Trattoria. I'd had a look around online prior to going and there were some good reports about the this pizzeria... nowhere did they come even close to saying how absolutely fabulous the food is there. It's a fairly ordinary place to go into - a lot of folks attempting to get a seat there, look a bit shocked when the owner turns them away telling them he is booked out. I have to say that I had my doubts sitting there waiting for the food. The floor is on a bit of a slant and our first encounter with the person who welcomed us was a bit jarring. This all faded into obscurity when we bit into the pizza... both our eyes locked and we oh my goodnessed our way through each piece. 'Oh my goodness, this is good', 'oh my goodness this is amazing', 'oh my goodness no wonder they are booked out', 'oh my goodness I've never eaten anything so wonderful' - I'm sure we drove the next table crazy as they sat waiting on theirs to arrive.

To add delightfully delicious/best pizza either of us has EVER had in our 50+ years, we then decided to tuck into a gelato to top it all off. We thought we'd try a few little tasty scoops to share. I had pictured a little scoop - but little tumblers full of gelato arrived, espresso, chocolate, boysenberry and a mint one. Just as delightful and we waddled out still going, oh my goodness, with big happy grins on our faces, no wonder this place is booked out all the time. I woke up in the middle of the night, found myself remembering the meal and wondering if we could go back again that night. Seriously the photo of our pizza doesn't do the chef justice. If you are even anywhere close to this restaurant - GO! They even have cannoli - I need to go back again soon.