North to... no not Alaska - not yet anyhow

We're on the road north to visit family and to do a week long house sit at Gumdale in Queensland. Our favourite stop after we leave Port is Woolgoolga. It's a little over the 2 hour drive for our first stop. Woolgoolga is a little gem of a town, very close to the highway, so not to far to trek out of your way. We've made it a regular stop after discovering the lovely Beach house Cafe, it's just across the road from the Woolgoolga Beach caravan park on Beach Road. The service is very friendly and the coffee is lovely - the chicken wraps are yummy too.

Mural at Woolgoolga Beach Cafe and below at the Surf Shop

We loved the Palazzo Versace on wheels that we drove behind for a while...

They are on channel 40 - Kevin told me to give 'em a call so I got out the iphone... he just laughed at me... I can be such a blonde some days.

Then a lovely stop in Lennox Head and a quick walk back to the headland to stretch the legs and the longing muscles in our hearts and souls.

I loved the colours in this hibiscus flower we saw along our walk.

Pandanus Palm at Seven Mile Beach.

When we were living at Lennox, we decided to walk the length of the beach one day... seven mile beach should have been an indicator as to how long it was - for some people that is - not dyslexic mathematician blonde me however - who headed off sans water. For a while we had a lovely stroll, watching para-surfers, passing yachts, whales jumping, dolphins surfing in the waves, and the light on the water. But the end of the beach kept getting further away, or so it seemed.

By the time I made it to the end of the beach I was thinking about begging one of the surfers for a lift back on one of their sand loving beach utes. But there was none to be seen by then. To cut a long story short, I made it back...hence you're reading this blog post. Moral of this story... you'll never see me on a walk without a back pack that has water and snacks in it, EVER again. Gees I need a drink just thinking about it.

Sea gulls lined up at Lennox Head