Not all those who wander are lost

Not all those who wander are lost.J.R.R. Tolkien

We've been doing a lot of wandering this last week on our house sit. We're not too far from Moreton Bay and have been taking advantage of the warm weather to wander around The Bay. Our plan today was to head towards Woody Point and then go for our walk. It was coffee o'clock when we arrived, so we stopped and had a lovely sit overlooking The Bay.

Pelican Bike Racks at Woody Point
Loved how this artist changed an everyday item into something special.

Great jettys at/on/in Moreton Bay

and we couldn't help but think it would be fabulous with a coffee shop at the end - hint hint :)

Such a gorgeous day and you never know what you'll find around the next corner...

The wreck of the HMAS Gayundah
click here to learn more about The HMAS Gayundah

Gayundah was deliberately beached here - looks a tad creepy to me.

We decided to continue on around The Bay and before too long found ourselves in Scarborough. A couple of yummy wraps for lunch at Sangas By The Sea - it was right on closing time, yet the staff happily made us our wraps - how nice to find that kind of lovely attitude and great food too... We decided to go for another wander around the foreshore and I was so glad that we did.

A little way along our walk and we discovered this tree. I so love finding a touch of whimsy on our walks. Now where's that art teacher who told me, that there are no such things as doors in trees?

This tree may now unfold,
a secret this far untold.
So shake all about
wiggle thy bum
he may then speak
to the Chosen one.

One of us, who shall remain nameless, being an avid Tolkien fan, even went as far to comply with the sign. Sadly I have to report that NO he wasn't the chosen one. Don't I wish I'd had the video going sooner.

The Bay is just gorgeous and a real delight to walk around...

and an idea for dinner...

Crab and Ham Rolls

You'll need: amounts vary according to how hungry / how many hungrys you have to feed...
cans crab meat - or fresh if you have it
some diced ham - how much depends on how much ham you like, you can just use crab
finely chopped fresh ginger - again to your taste
lime zest
coriander or parsley
finely chopped spring onions
free range (goes without saying) egg/s, beaten
filo pastry - melted butter
dill chopped finely

How to...
Mix crab, ham, ginger, lime, onions and egg, wrap in filo pastry in little spring roll like shapes. Brush with some melted butter. I use baking paper on a cookie sheet to bake them... in oven set about 180d until brown and crispy. To serve with crab rolls: mix mayonnaise with dill - or maybe some sweet chilli sauce.