Lost Dogs Month

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. - Ogden Nash

On our walks over the last month, we've picked up 5 lost dogs, and been able to return them to their homes, thanks to collars with phone numbers. We've decided to call June lost dogs month.

Kevin removing some of the burrs that this doggie had picked up on her jaunt

A friend of ours lost their dog this month, hit by a car after it had escaped. If you happen to see a doggie by themselves, do try to pick them up, they usually have no road sense and can be hurt easily.

Saw this treasure crossing the road by herself, and were able to pick her up.
Cute as a button, lovable and cuddly as well

If they have a collar it is easy to contact owners, or failing that, a trip to the vet or as a last resort and you absolutely have to - the pound will find their owner, if they are microchipped. Should the dog appear dangerous, certainly don't try to approach it yourself, but a call to the pound or council, and you will have someone out to assist.