Stairway success

After bringing Candy home we realised that she didn't have any experience with stairs at all. That didn't really bother me, as for the last 5 years, I've carried elderly dogs in and out of our home, down staircases and back up again, a few times a day.

One day Candy followed me down the stairs with no trouble at all. When she started to go back up, however, it was another story. She tried to jump up about 3 stairs at a time and gingerly made it onto one of the steps. I was worried she'd hurt herself.

I'm sure Chilli is telling Candy how to climb the stairs

Today, she watched Chilli climb the stairs and somehow she managed to do the same... she's going up and down with no trouble at all... Thanks Chilli!

She looked quite chuffed with herself... time for treats for all.