In the pink at Narrabeen Lagoon

Caution: Adorable dog alert... may cause the desire to rescue a dog from the RSPCA... This is Candy she came from the Taree RSPCA - 9 years old and absolutely adorable. There are so many lovelies like her needing a home... just sayin!

Candy in her new walking harness - forgot to buy matching lead - oh oh, back to store

Candy on her walk - she's been with us nearly a month now and has settled in so quickly

I noticed trees with this lovley pink berry... is it some type of lillipilli?

The view at Narrabeen Lagoon, I know the purple flower is a weed, but it's so pretty.

Chilli and Kev took the lead, while Candy and I fell behind a bit. I forgot to pack my walking sneakers to bring to our housesit, and the old colorado flip flops aren't made for striding.

Mother and child watched over the walkers and the cars on the bend.

Past the trees that frame this lovely yellow house with frangipani tree out front

Down to the waters edge for a yummy sniff...

and a lovely sit before heading up the hill home...

So many lovely flowers to appreciate on our walk...

and that just about sums up our day...

How was yours?