Australia Day - Chin Wags, Bird Barneys - yep fair dinkum

Chilli and Candy are getting on so well, and playing like they've always been together... Chilli is such a gem and so gentle in her play.

I have quite a soft spot for Aussie colloquialism, and was rather delighted to see the RSL celebrating Australia Day with their signage. We took Chilli & Candy for a walk past the RSL village, and waved to some of the residents in the aged care section, who were looking out their windows. They smiled and waved back seemed to enjoy us waving, it's nice to make a little brightness here and there along the way in your day don't you think?

We wandered along on our walk, Chilli taking the lead mostly, like a bunch of wombats - although they can move fast can't they? I'll have to revisit my Jackie French's Let the Land Speak book that I so love to find out. And while I'm on that note - speaking about Jackie - I love this paragraph from Jackie's webpage... Jackie wrote her first children's book `Rainstones' in a desperate attempt to earn $106.40 to register her car, while living in a shed with a wallaby called Fred, a black snake called Gladys and a wombat called Smudge. The editor at HarperCollins said it was the messiest, worst spelt manuscript they'd ever received. The mess was because Smudge the wombat left his droppings on the typewriter every night. The spelling was because Jackie is dyslexic. Jackie recommends all beginning writers misspell their first book so it stands out of the pile. You give me hope Jackie. ♥

Fun mail exchanges for some overseas penpals... if you'd like one, email and let me know... I send them out with a couple of other little treats. They are loosely based on Aboriginal Art symbols and inspired by Jackie's story.

We listened to one of the most interesting podcasts we've every listened to by Jackie on Radio National. It was interesting to me as I learned information about Australia that I had never even heard of before. Makes me realise how lacking my education was back in the year dot. You can find the talk here. We now download podcasts prior to our trip to take along, they seem to make a long car drive disappear in no time.

Anyway, where was I - Oh I know walking the dogs... Outside the RSL Village there were so many beautiful flowers out like this grevillea...

...and this beautiful eucalypt - check out how clear that fly is... that's a photo from my iphone camera - I was impressed - as you can tell.

We loved watching the birds having a barney, but I'm a bit confused as to why my iphone can take such a good close up of a fly and not such a good one of the birds who are much larger... oh well. That'll teach me to pay more attention in photography class won't it Russell?

We wandered on past the Edgar Gornall wildflower gardens, the old stone archway frames a beautiful view.

We didn't go down the track through the wildflower gardens as it looked very overgrown, so we just kept to the road. Chilli was getting a bit thirsty and we found a doggie bowl at the tap in the park - hauling Kev around on the end of a lead is hard work she said.

We would love an old beach house like this - we missed out on this one though, it had just sold

On the way home, we had a lovely chin wag with another 92 year old local dog walker who had rescued another two dogs - more happy dog tails :-).

And then got a bit lost around about here... but Chilli took the decisive lead and we followed her through a park to a street we recognised. Yeah the Border Collie strikes again - the world's smartest dog, according to an animal show we watched last night.

Home again, and time to put the old feet up and have a snooze, the dogs had one too.

You can have a butcher's hook at some more aussieisms here: