Toby's Blog... Lavender Bay

Hi family, just wanted to give you a quick check in to let you know how I am going.

I've been eating and sleeping really well, and Kareen said to tell you that everything is back to normal again.

I've been showing Kareen & Kevin the local area, and all the beautiful plants.

The lavender is all out and blooming, as are the daisies.

We all had a walk down to the Secret Garden

and we had a little carry / wander around.

We stopped to smell the roses,

and noticed the little Ganesh.

There are a lot of works underway at the top of the garden

looking good don't you think?

We wandered around to McMahon's Point

Where we met a lovely family from Iraq... but we forgot to ask them if we could take their picture. They shared their Iraqi desert with Kevin & Kareen, and said how much they loved living in Australia and how kind Australians were to them. Isn't that nice?

Anyway... we wandered off back to Lavender Bay again. Lots of people stopped us and said I looked very comfy. They were right, I was.

I felt like one last round of the park to finish off my day,

before time to go home again, home again...
I've been having fun, I hope you are too...
Love Toby