Cremorne Point - Toby's Big Day Out

"The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land, it is at last to set foot on one's own country as foreign land." ~ G.K Chesterton.

We both grew up in Sydney, on the northern beaches. I think that it will always stay in our hearts, as one of the places we call 'home'. However it is only since we have been house sitting, that we have truly explored our own 'home' town. We find it amazing how little of our own area, we had ever seen. Places that are usually only about a half hours drive from where we once lived.

It is fascinating to enter into a tourist's mindset, and go adventuring. Our trip to Cremorne in the ferry yesterday, was one of those explorations. We had both driven past Cremorne so many times in years gone by, yet had never explored the harbour waterfront walk.

It was a gorgeous winter's day on Sydney Harbour,
with the Opera House looking rather magnificent in the sun.

We discovered that dogs are allowed on the ferries here,
so we took little Toby for an outing with us.

All snuggy in his poochie pack, he received many admiring glances
& giggles from other dog lovers.

We decided to hop off at Cremorne Point,
as the walk along the bay looked very inviting.

Lucky locals with their harbour pool
at Maccalllum Point

Appreciating the view back to Sydney

Enjoying the walkway and the winter sun,

and wishing we could visit for tea... some stairways look so inviting

An artist lives here - Kevin spotted brushes in the window.

Beautiful old stone arch

And places to sit a while. Before we knew it
we were at the end/start? of the park - ENROMERC NOITAVRESER?

Still not great with the old selfies, the dialogue goes
"Can you see the screen? no it's too glary...
are we all in the picture? I don't know... here's hoping... click"

The sign reminded me of the log ride at Disneyland.

Time to head back...

I loved the 'little' home & boatshed tucked away.

Having a little styling after the windy ferry ride.

Well that was our day, hope yours has been magnificent too.