House sitting in Paradise

It's a tough gig being sent to Paradise but someone's got to do it. We have been focussing on house sits on the northern end of the Gold Coast at present, as my dear little grandson was due. He headed into this world a little earlier than planned. So as he was heading in, we headed up to Paradise Point to house sit and wait on his arrival - four weeks earlier than due date. All worked out well with mum and bub, and a very proud dad has been born as well. It's such a delight to be able to house sit for people as we get to see family, stay in lovely homes and help others out in the process. It's win:win all the way.

We had a wonderful time on our walks with Ruby-Sue and Fuzz. They do love their walks along the Broadwater at Paradise Point Queensland. Ruby Sue is like having a balloon on the end of a leash, she is only a few months old and just getting the hang of this walking caper. She absolutely adores everyone and all other animals and is soooo excited to say hello to all in her way.

It's been a very overcast stay so far, but when the light peeks through it is quite beautiful. Even thought it's been so overcast we have been making the most of our stays here with walks, Tai Chi and Yoga in the Park.

The view to Ephraim Island and The Sovereign Islands.

We really love our walks around The Broadwater. The view is beautiful, the light on the water is always changing, and it is so easy to walk here. A wide path weaves it's way around the water's edge, and it's great to walk doggies and ride bikes along. Walkers and bike riders seem to be able to co-exist without too many problems. Congratulations to the Gold Coast Council for creating this great park.

Sunset over Paradise Point at Salacia Waters Marina.

There are huge trees, including some lovely old Moreton Bay fig trees (I think that's what they are) to sit under, a netted area to swim in, exercise machines to keep those muscles looking gorgeous - although apparently I need to use them, not just appreciate them on my way past to do that, hubby tells me. I spotted a swim club in the pool one day, eagerly splashing their way lap after lap across the pool. Have you ever watched triathletes burst into the water on top of one another? That's what I noticed that day, and was slightly envious of their stamina and ability and enthusiasm... not enough to jump in and practice laps myself though. I think I'll stick to my walks.

While I was in Paradise Point, I discovered that the City of Gold Coast Council offers Tai Chi in the Park. They are free classes and a big group of enthusiasts gather to practice together. What fun! If you are visiting you can find out more at the: Gold Coast Gov Active Healthy Program - click here

On my way home from shopping at Runaway Bay just before Easter, I noticed the full moon was emerging. I quickly unloaded the shopping and suggested to hubby that we run down to our favourite little club on the water to take in the view. We had a lovely hour or so watching the moon rise. It was one of those moments in life that I'll remember for a long time.

Sadly my little camera struggled to capture the images, but hopefully this will give you an idea of how beautiful it was. From the Hollywell branch of Southport Yacht Club.