Skydiving and Yachts

From time to time we toss up buying a yacht. A MacGregor has been contemplated more than once, then we watch episodes of Sailing La Vagabonde and toss up buying a catamaran, and then it all gets too hard so we sit on a Marina and look at them instead.

But you can't go too far wrong, sitting at Hope Island having a lovely coffee at one of the cafes here.

Or take a stroll around and look at the lovely gardens and native frangipanis...

And if you feel like it, a sun downer at Two Friends Wine Bar Hope Island Marina. On the weekends you'll also enjoy a musician from the Conservatory playing for you.

A lovely way to finish the day.

PS... In case you haven't seen them yet, and if you like yachting and vicarious travel videos visit Sailing La Vagabonde - click here for their youtube channel.