Miss T and Tulip... our doggie diary.

Hi family... we hope you are having a great time away. We are too, we've been going for walks, and having lovely treats, lots of cuddles and chats. (Miss T loves to have a talk) We thought you'd like to see some of our adventures over the last few days...

Here we are showing Kareen & Kevin the bay

We all stopped to enjoy the view and the cool breeze - so welcome after the heat we've been having here the last few days.

Then we had a nice drink

Keeping an eye out for the fish that were jumping

Something smelled so delicious, Kareen suggested not rolling in it could be a good idea though.

Heading out yesterday down to the point... via the courthouse

The lovely garden at the courthouse

Miss T wanted to chase the birds (don't tell her I told you).

The lighthouse looked beautiful in the evening light -
Well that's all for our doggie diary for today... lots of love from Miss T and Tulip we hope you are having a great time away.