House Sitting In France

I think I've left a part of my heart back in France. I didn't even know I wanted to go to France and see what we've seen, all I know is that when the offer came to house sit there, my spirit jumped at the chance. Who would have thought that leaving Paris, I'd be feeling sad at seeing images of Versailles on the side of the walkway at the Airport.

Cafe near Versailles

Before we visited France, it had never even entered my mind to go to Versailles one day, yet here we were with an annual pass delighting in the ability to go whenever we wanted, to walk the beautiful gardens, accompanied by classical music wafting out from the gardens, and see the beautiful musical fountain displays. To stand in awe of statues older than our country. What an opportunity. How lucky were we?

I was just talking with friends today, at how life offers you opportunities sometimes. Sure when you are travelling you'll experience ups and downs along the way, and goodness we certainly did on our flight over this time. But our time away was also filled with some wonderful people who stepped in to help.

You know it's sad really that the news on TV doesn't tell the stories of the small acts of kindnesses that people do. The people who just give you a little bit of help, the right train to catch, and helping hands to lift heavy luggage.

We haven't stopped talking about how amazing the food was or how much we miss being able to hop on the metro and go and visit yet another wonderful sight.

Have I told you how amazing it is to hop on Line 1 of the Metro and be able to get off at any one of a number of historical places, The Bastille, The Eiffel Tower, The Champs Elysess, The Louvre, Place De La Concord...

And the food, did I tell you about the food? Oh my goodness...

Our favourite patiserie Bridgette et Jacky Godefroy at La Celle St Cloud was shut the day we left, so we didn't get to have a last minute farewell pastry. Thank you to our favourite bakers for your warm welcome and helping Kevin translate.

France je t'aime.

Thank you to our home owner Maria, for inviting us over to stay, we loved it. A little part of our hearts will always remain in Paris.

If you would like us to house sit for you in France, please contact us.