Books, Robert Frost Poetry and Morning Tea

There's no place like home for Christmas and we've been enjoying our local area. Recently a friend asked me to join a local writer's group. The group meet every week for morning tea at Flynn's Beach Book Cafe.

Now book stores happen to be one of my most favourite places to visit, and oh my, when I went inside, I felt as though I'd been transported into one of those book shops that you'd expect to see out of a novel or a wonderful movie set.

I was wandering around taking pictures of the lovely arrangements Ann has dotted around the place, and noticed A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost.

It's amazing how many lovely places are around, yet unless we wander off our usual routes, we may never find them. I have been driving past Ann's book cafe for years and would never have known what a magical place was lurking nearby.

Each week Ann has a different display for our delight, complete with fresh flowers that she grows herself. This is one corner I could disappear into for hours.

Flynns Beach Book Cafe - 3 Flynn Street Port Macquarie.