Traffic Light Signal Box Art - roadside Art Gallery

Art is not to be taught in Academies. It is what one looks at, not what one listens to, that makes the artist. The real schools should be the streets. Oscar Wilde

Queensland Colours by Debra Hood

On our Brisbane house sit, (thank you to Aussie House Sitters) I've been delighted with the traffic light signal box art we have discovered, while out and about on our travels. It's like visiting an art gallery on the roadside each day. I find myself regularly calling out, 'stop there's another one', so Kev obligingly pulls over and I hop out to take yet another photo.

Hippie Flowers by Charlotte Bakker Myers at Sandgate

Traffic boxes like electricity boxes, can be dull and green not to mention a magnet for graffiti vandalism. 'In 1999 Brisbane council realised that the boxes were their most graffitied asset'.... (~ Cath Ovenden)

ABC Stateline Feature - Brisbane's Painted Traffic Boxes

To combat the graffiti problem, Brisbane council has embraced a community art project called Artforce, and in the process has brought a sense of fun and vibrant colour to the local streets.

Love Life and Life will Love you Back - by Laura Hughes

Local artists in Brisbane are invited to showcase their artwork on traffic signal boxes, artists of all ages are invited to contribute their designs, and if selected to paint a box.

Boof on the job by Trevor Proud

Venus in a hat - by Frag Spawn

Cats of the outback - by Jo Fairweather at Enoggera

Tango Tango - by Lydia Commins

Paint tubes

Artforce provides residents of all ages and artistic backgrounds an opportunity to design and paint an artwork on a traffic signal box. You can help decorate Brisbane's busy streets and be part of Brisbane's "drive-through gallery" click here to participate. Brisbane council even supplies the artists with paint.

Many cities are now turning to artists to combat their once graffitied boxes and if you like this type of art, or are interested in how it can combat graffiti, google traffic box art, you'll be able to amuse yourself for quite a while. I would love to see them appearing in our town. Hhhhmmm... how to do that? Do you think this could be one of the solutions to graffiti problems - to give kids a space for their art?

Dogs in the city
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