Moments in May

Is it just me or is this year flying by? We've had some great weather here and the sunny days have been just wonderful, but it seems like today winter has announced it's arrival. We finally have the heating on and are huddling down, glad to be warm and cozy. After a prompt from my latest art class on collecting special moments, I've been piecing together a few of our lovely moments from May...

We found a little treasure wandering by herself, and picked her up off the road - safely returned to her mama only a couple of hours later - the beauty of the local grapevine - 6 degrees of separation strikes again.

You'll have to picture this one - late afternoon at the beach, waves gently rolling in, the warm breeze invites me to stay a while at the beach after my walk. Dolphins started to jump in the waves just behind a family standing at the edge of the water, with their backs to the scene. They missed the entire show.