Scenes from our Collaroy housesit

Spotted at The Waterfront Cafe

The table there is always a delight to see

Teapot delights - now I want a little mini milkbottle

An delightful visit to Cherry Blossom at Narrabeen. Gorgeous dresses and Mexicana.

Painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe outside Cherry Blossom

Popeye at Cherry BLossom - Click here to see Cherry Blossom's delights on facebook

Celebrating Chilli's mum's birthday with Chilli so she didn't miss out.
Chilli had liver treats, we got the cupcakes... we thought that they'd be stale
by the time that the kids got home, if we didn't eat them...
and that's our story and we're sticking to it.

We saw a lost bunny at the beach

... and a pink elephant on the way to Tango class

If you are ever in Collaroy and would like to experience traditional Argentine Tango you can dance the night away with Margarita and Guy at Tango Embrace - Click here to discover their facebook page