Our fantasy...

Wandering around Blackwattle Bay we noticed this rather beautiful yacht moored there... we wondered about mooring overnight in the bay and if you need permits to stay. You see every so often we have this fantasy about buying a McGregor Yacht and floating around on it for awhile, but so far we haven't jumped in and bought one. Every time the decision gets closer either our cousin lets us know the latest cost of keeping his yacht or we read somewhere else about the expenses involved, and our decision gets put back for another day.

On the yacht subject and combining two of my loves, boats and dogs... I've had a delightful read lately with Lucky Goes to Sea by Frank Robson.

I'm not sure about sailing with a dog (I think I'd worry too much) but this book is certainly a great read, along with a few warnings again about how much sailing involves.

Some years ago we were on a rather large liner that went through a cyclone, that boat looked very tiny compared to the waves that were all around us. The stabilisers on the boat went and I've never wanted to be that far offshore again, let alone in a little boat. If you watch this video you'll discover where you'll never find me - out in a gale!

However, if you have a yacht you'd like us to mind for a while... do get in touch!