A sunny moment

The sun has come out, what a delight after the last couple of days, so we all went outside for a moment... how cute do Peaches and Xena look together? Talk about the long and the short of it.

Peaches follwed me into the garden and we both wandered down to the very healthy looking lemon tree, lemon citrus tart came to mind... hmmm... time for morning tea I think.

Speaking of lemon citrus tart we shared a lovely one yesterday at Seaforth, time to get back into our walking again... please rain fine up!!

There were some very plump ducks wandering around the lawn after all the rain, and the grass just seems to be loving the water, it is so green. I tried to get a couple of pictures, but the iphone could only manage a certain amount, I must go and brave the camera choices again.

On my way around the garden trying to capture these two on film, I discoverd a fabulous sculpture hiding in the garden... isn't it fabulous? I want one...

I love wandering around gardens and finding hidden treasures... I can't wait to explore more here.