Koala and Kangaroos at our house

Some photos of wildlife taken at the back of our home, we regularly have visits from koalas, kangaroos and wildlife of all types...

Koalas are regular visitors at our home... it is a delight to
watch them waddle along and climb the trees at the back of our home.

Occassionally reaching for the leaf at the top of the tree proves too dangerous, and we have seen the odd koala fall from the top of a tree. Luckily in our home town we have a Koala Ambulance that will arrive to pick up an injured animal, and take it back to treatment at The Koala Hospital... click here to visit

The koala ambulance in our front yard.

Our home backs onto the golf course, where wildlife graze sometimes to the angst of the golfers.
The kangaroos often lay at our back fence,

and it is such a delight to see a joey jump into or pop it's head out of a mother's pouch.

As property owners ourselves, we understand the value of having someone to care for your home
while you are away. Below are some views of our home...

Rear view of our home from the golf course...

View from our deck to the golf course