Frangipani House - Our House

Frangipani House is the name of our home it is located in Port Macquarie on the golf course and a 3 minute drive to Lighthouse Beach. A friend christened it Frangipani House after seeing the frangipani artworks Kareen was painting. If you are thinking about inviting us to house sit this page will give you an idea about where and how we live. We also offer Frangipani House for holiday house exchanges.

We've discovered that house sitting and house exchanges are a great way to see Australia and the world. We are happy to consider an exchange for short or long term periods. Our home backs onto the golf course, with direct access through the back gate. There is another golf course about 5 minutes away. It is close to the beach, about a 3 minute drive away. Kangaroos graze at the back fence and the koalas often visit in the trees at the back of the home.

The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, main bath with spa, cesarstone kitchen, lap pool, broadband.

Kitchen to family room

Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie - 5 minutes away.

Kangaroos at our back fence - they are regular visitors.

Love watching their antics at our back fence... the mum's groom the joeys and little faces appear munching on grass... it's all so lovely to see.

Taken in the tree at the back of our house. These little fellas are regulars at the back of our house... they look so cute - but - they make a scary noise when they are looking for a mate... think creepy monster noise!!

Our driveway - the Koala Ambulance - picking up a koala that fell out of a tree at the back of our house - visit The Koala Hospital - click here