Wandering around Northbridge

There are so many things to love about Northbridge, aside from the beautiful place on Middle Harbour, we love that the people care enough to paint their drains, a little reminder about what is going down the drain, and where it is going to ...

Wandering around the streets we notice so many beautiful things here, swings on tree for families to stop at, little hearts on the pavement, the bright colour of a bike against the backdrop of nature, it's like being in an artwork...

It is really heartwarming to simply walk around the streets. Maybe there's a connection that I feel here, my grandmother, uncle and aunt used to live here in Woonoona Road, and some of my childhood was spent visiting her.

Maybe it's the beauty of the place, or perhaps we've just been lucky in meeting such lovely families that we have sat for, whatever the reason, Northbridge has been a lovely place to housesit.

I've recently been taking part in an online course from Penn State University in the US. One of our recent topics was to create a digital collage about Memories - we needed to use black and white photography (thank goodness for Picassa) and I've been wondering what to do.

The memories that I have of the Northbridge Bridge, have stirred an idea, but that's as far as I've gone so far. I need to go and buy another camera, that's my excuse for procrastinating

On one of our drives, we took a wrong turn, but in doing so, we happened to stumble across the Incinerator Art Space at Willoughby.

Wouldn't you know it, they have an exhibition called Mapping Memory - which made me stop and wonder if it was synchronicity happening. (The amazing silver construction in the picture is the lift... we had to take a ride it looked so fabulous and we both had tardis fantasies on the way in.)

A couple of months ago, Kevin and I had watched Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer a movie based on the concept of six degrees of separation. After visiting the Incinerator Art Space, we talked over how this seemed to be another link in our own 6 degrees of separation. You can watch the movie here... see what you think.

The Incinerator Art Space is a fascinating building built by Sir Walter Burleigh Griffin.

One of our favourite things to do is to go and visit galleries when we are away, or when we are at home for that matter, so this was a great find on our 'wrong turn'.